Mass Times

COVID-19 Update

Dear Parishioners,

In response to COVID-19 the Archdiocese of Brisbane has suspended all Sunday Masses until further notice. Priests will continue to celebrate Mass (the Mass for the people) on Sundays without a congregation. People will be able to watch Masses live-streamed from the Cathedral here on Sundays at 10am and weekdays. Midweek Masses will continue on the current schedule.

Every blessing,
Fr Joson Antony MCBS

Weekday masses

Monday 8am – St Joachim’s Church
Wednesday 6pm – St Agnes Church
Thursday 9am – St Agnes Church
Friday 9am – St Joachim’s Church

Sunday masses

Saturday Vigil 6pm – St Joachim’s Church
Sunday 7:30am – St Joachim’s Church
Sunday 9am – St Agnes’ Church
Sunday 6pm – St Agnes’ Church

Once a month Children’s Liturgy of the Word is held during the 9am Mass.


Wednesday 5:30pm – St Agnes Church


Saturday 5:30pm – St Joachim’s Church
Or by appointment

Lent masses

Ash Wednesday 9am – St Joachim’s Church
Ash Wednesday 6pm – St Agnes Church

Christmas masses

Christmas Eve 6pm – St Agnes Church
Carols from 5:45pm
Christmas Eve 7:30pm – St Joachim’s Church
Carols from 7:15pm
Christmas day 8am – St Agnes Church
Carols from 7:45am