Welcome to Holland Park and Mount Gravatt Catholic Parish and to our parish website. Our web presence is newly developed. However, we hope that this site will provide you with the information you require as well as a broad overview of the different activities that occur in our parish.

We are a family focused Catholic parish with two churches; St Joachim’s at Holland Park and St Agnes at Mount Gravatt. Most of our community connect regularly throughout the week, and we all come together and celebrate Mass four times across the weekend. In this community you will find a hospitable welcome and a practical living of the Gospel in a variety of ministries and outreach to the wider community. If you are a visitor to the area, please visit us sometime. As you can see there are several communities that together form the Holland Park Mount Gravatt Parish community.

The celebration of the Eucharist is the life that enables all ministries to occur, gives each community identity and brings all into communion. As you share in the celebration of the Eucharist in the parish may you be drawn more deeply into the mystery of Christ among us and become more aware of God’s great love for you. We invite you to join us in our parish life – the vibrant Masses, groups and activities which bring us together as a family of God.

Every blessing
Fr Joson Antony MCBS
Parish Priest
Holland Park Mount Gravatt Catholic Parish